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Top Round Q-View

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So yesterday I got me a 5.68 lb USDA Choice top round

I tenderized it, I covered it in Southern Succor Rub and let it come to room temp.

Bout 11:30 last night I put it in my MES

at 08:00 this morning the temp was at 179 (wife likes her meat all well-done)

took it out

Wrapped it in a double layer of Heavy Duty Aluminum foil

Wrapped it in a towel and put it in a cooler

We plan on slicing it thin later for sandwiches, hopefully I will remember to grab a picture of the finished product, if I don't get too excited and eat it all before I remember.
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That's a good looking roast. Looking forward to the sliced pics.
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That is going to be tasty all sliced up and on a sammie. Can't wait to see what the finished pics look like!
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Here they are:

I would post more but I have a sammie to eat. icon_lol.gif
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Now that's a fine looking sammy !!!! Good job..
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Looks mighty fine.
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good job,nice smoke ring
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How was it at that temperature? It looks good.
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LOL maybe the professor could whip up a generator from coconuts and bambo for you. How come he can make a radio from a coconut, but he can't patch a hole in a boat?

Ginger, Maryanne..... tough call. I'm a sucker for a glamourous woman though. Ginger it is!
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Maryanne! LOL

Nice looking meat there. The kids next door like their meat well done too and often won't touch anything pink in the middle whan it comes off my smoker. I think I'll give this a shot pretty soon. Thanks fot the pics and all.
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