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what type spay bottle

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want to spay but can't think of a food grade bottle to use,what are you guys using for a bottle
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I just pick up the inexpensive, empty sprayer bottles from a dollar store. Walmart, K-Mart, Target, etc. have them also.
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sounds good on the way to the dollar store,thanks moss
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The absolute best idea for a sprayer that I have seen was one like these...

Don't know if it is food grade or not, but you Just fill it up with apple juice and Cap'n Morgan, pump it up, and spray like heck. But then I also saw a guy at a competition that had a pepper grinder attached to his DeWalt cordless drill. He was grindin' pepper like it was no body's business! Too Funny!
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I like the pepper grinder story.will check out those sprayers next trip to home depot thanks
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What I do to! Big jobs, use a new gallon weed sprayer, clean it up with soap an water, a nice shot a chlorine water, good rinse, fill an start spritzin!

I seen the pepper grinder thin before, works really good to!
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Yes Alton Brown has done this on a few of his episodes. That's where I first saw it.
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I bought a bottle for $.97 from wally world and it works great for me.

I've been looking for a electric pepper grinder that is worth the money. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've thought about using a coffee bean grinder
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That is what I do. It might be my coffee grinder but it doesn't get it real fine unless you run it a heck of a long time. That is ok with me, I like it kind of coarse usually. Make sure you let the dust settle before you take the lid off, especially if you grind hot peppers too.
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Here is a pic of mine. It's a Krups coffee grinder but works great for spices. Make sure you get a stainless steel bowl to avoid the spices leaching into the plastic. You can get a number of different models from most stores for about $15-$20. Worth the money since I didn't want to keep using my dedicated coffe grinder.

When your done grinding you just tip over and your spices fall into the plastic top. Works fine for me.
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Exactly what I use, specifically the one in the middle. Not sure about food grade either, but I've used it for about a year now and haven't grown a third eye yet. Great quality plastic and holds up very well with some of my acidic sprays.

The cheap hand sprayers will work, but the think plastic pieces will break down over time, usually in the middle of your smoke.
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