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skirt steak fajitas w qview

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made some fajitas using skirt steaks and also some chiken breasts.

made the marinade in two ziplocks, one for chicken and the other forn the skirt steaks.

Fajita Marinade
1 cup water
1 tea oregeno
1 tea white pepper
1 tea sea salt
1 tea chili powder
1 tea cummin
1 pinch cloves
4 cloves garlic crushed
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
fresh chopped cilantro
juice from one lemon and one orange
1/2 cup evoo
mix al ingreds except for the oil, while briskly whisking marinade drizzle in the evoo. let set for 30 min. reserve 4 tablespoons of marinade for preparing fajita veggies. in glass dish or zip lock marinade the meat at least one hour.

to the smoker

from the smoker after a couple hours and give a finish on the grill

cut skirt steak in chunks and stack, cut into slices against grain.

i didnt get as many pics of the chicken... but you get the idea.
prepare the fajita veggies, cut up the bell peppers and onion. in a skillet with some evoo saute till cooked.

at this point i put half of veggies in another skillet. added the chicken to one and skirt to the other. add 2 tablespoons of the reserved marinade to each skillet and cooked til heated thru.

serve on warmed softshells with cheese, also served with home made guacomole and a smoked picante. will post them separate


smoked picante

plated, thks for cking my pics!!!
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good lookin Fajitas there Erain
making me hungry to make some
nice presentation on the Guac! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Very nice job erain!
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My gosh erain that rocks!
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man I'm glad I just got back from lunch, looks great
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Real nice looking.
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Yum! Looks delicious Erain. It's on my to do list now. smile.gif
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Nice Erain, looks great,
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Looks great Erain! I really liked the garnish on the guac and picante. Food doesn't just have to taste good but look good as well, and that sure did.
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You have earned points with that presentation series you just posted....not only for the way you presented it, but for how beautiful and tasty your meal looked! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Thank you for sharing an excellent dinner, Erain.
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Nice! Looks amazing . . . GREAT presentation!

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Great looking smoke there. My mouth is watering with thinking how good that really is gone be.
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That looks great, Id like to try that with lamb.
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Without a doubt one of the most amazing presentation and threads I have seen on this forum. Erain, you have become a legend.

Oh yeh...the food looks tasty too!!!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifMan does that look good. Thanks for the Qview and the presetation. Maybe a restaurant is in your future? Well, after owning one, maybe not!! points.gif
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Beautiful work brother! Points!

Off to find a picante threadtongue.gif
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Man that looks great. I love fajitas. I smoke londoin broils and make fajitas with them. I haven't smoked chicken breasts yet. That's on my to-do list.

The guacamole looks excellent. I think I could eat a gallon of that stuff at a time.

Your plated presentation sure looks better than any restaurant fajitas I've ever had!
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OK, DANG that looks AWSOME!
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thanks everyone for the the positive comments and the points, i love this smoking food thing and the qview that sorta was a must have when i joined this site has become a part of the hobby as well. enjoy the smoking the food and love to eat it as well, and enjoy the pic thing as well.

this was actually my first shot at anything mexican or southwestern and was a great hit. the skirt steak is an excellent cut for this use and if you want to do this watch for sales. unfortunatly the veggies were not from my garden but hope to have a heck of a pepper patch this year along with the rest.

again thanks everyone, love to share my creations with you all. out of curiousity are these pics too big for anyone??? does anyone need to scroll to side to view complete pic. i accidently upsized from what i normally do and if they are too big i will set it down a size.
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Looks great Erain. Pic's came thru perfect on my end. Need to figure out the qview now myself.
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