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That was a great mod with the concrete board. I think I may have to try that next. Mine is doing alot better with the wok as a charcoal pan, and using hot water in the water pan and a charcoal chimmney. I did a turkey at 250-300 and had to add new chacoal about every 90 minutes. I think when I do a pork butt or something at a lower temp I should get a little more time, but with the concrete board that would help alot. I also like the fact that you can put your thermometer on the top without having to have a side table/work area.
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The number one thing the concrete board insulation did for me is reduce the fuel usage, which reduces the number of times I have to open the door to add more fuel, which helps maintain the steady cooking temperature! The second thing it does is allow me to maintain lower temperatures for longer periods of time. I know that doesn't sound entirely logical (more insulation = lower internal temperature) but it's entirely true. After the insulation upgrade I had to learn a new way to build the fire to maintain the low and slow cook. A little practice will give you alot of new skills.

I still need to use a trivet to set the thermometer on ( I use a block of wood). The outside of the top of the smoker gets warm enough to cause the plastic themometer case to soften slightly, but at least it's not hot enough to burn you if you bump against it...And I leave a pair of pliers or tongs or a plate up there all the time
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Not the square model, but 35 years old and going strong. If you are having problems obtaining higher temps, try Sand instead of water. Damp playbox sand works great. Remember to place a sheet of foil over the sand to catch grease.

After mods and about a full pan. I've learned to cut back on the charcoal.
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Question about the cement board...this is the same stuff as "backer board" or "green board" that you would get at Home depot to put behind a shower to install tiles?

Also, did you paint it black?
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No, it's not the same. Cement board is what is put down before a ceramic tile floor is put down.
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What Rick said...

it's not backer board, it's not green board, it is cement board. and don't get the kind with the stryrofoam beads...get the heavy cement board. It's used under tile on floors.

I did get it at Home Depot in the tile department. And I painted it black with high temperature grill paint from the Ace Hardware.
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timleo, one question about the concrete board. I got mine put on, but the cuts are not the cleanest and to avoid buying another piece of board for the top, I just used two scrap pieces. The question is did you use anything to smooth out the seams/edges before you painted. You seams and edges look pretty good, so just wondering if you used something to smooth them or you are just that good at cutting the board. Thanks for the inf.
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