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new offset. sealing airgaps

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I bought a BBQ Pro offset smoker on sale at Sears. I have read bout the many mods that can make these cheap smokers more reliable. One mod is plugging airgaps to improve airflow/control.

I started to put the unit together last night and the firebox comes in two pieces a top and bottom that are screwed together. I'm wondering if I should put some silicon sealant (or other sealant) in between these two before I assemble them? Or is that overkill? I also plan on making some sort of seal for the door.

The big question is what to use? Will Hi-temp silicon last? I'm not sure how got the firebox will burn and most high-temp stuff seems to indicate 400-500 degree limits. Is there a better solution?

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Hey Big Z,
I have also read of guys using stove rope gasket between the firebox and chamber. Place the gasket between the two and screw together.

I'm sure others will chime in too. Good luck.
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think this stuff is food safe? silicate cement


say it dries brick-hard. so i'm guessing it would be ok. wouldn't have to worry about it melting or giving off fumes.
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I used this in the gap between the Weber ring and the drum on my UDS.


Probably pretty similar to what you're looking at from Grainger. If you're just using it on the firebox it should be fine.

However, I would recommend just putting the unit together and use it.biggrin.gif If it seems like smoke is pouring out of the seams, then you can seal it. Of course you'll have to take it apart again. If you get an occasional puff, I wouldn't worry about it.

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