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rub questions????

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I was thinking fof doing a butt this weekend and wanted to do a sweet rub. so I was thinking I would make this rub with honey as the base and maybe some brown sugar and then who knows what else. my question is have any of you ever used honey to make a rub? should I cook the whole time in honey or just at the end?
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I use honey an sugar alot, ya gotta be carefull how much a either ya use cause it will tend ta turn black durin the smoke.
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^^^what he said^^^

sugar will go from carmel to charcoal eventually
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^^What they Said^^

I have used honey as a base ( like mustard ) before applying my rub and you really have to be careful it will charcoal on you.

Good Luck and let us know how it turns out
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Don't waste the meat. Use turbanado sugar(sugar in the raw) and a little bit of brown sugar in the rub. Honey on a long smoke like butts would be a disaster.
You can add it to the apple juice mop/spritz if you really want something that sweet.Add it to the butt before the foil even, but not to start with, your rub will never "set". IMO
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Cap'n Dan has it right, as do the posts before him. Sugar will carbonize then blacken faster than your meat will cook. Try adding it towards the last hour or so of your smoke.
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