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buckboard bacon

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hello everyone
yesterday i did a small 4 pound buckboard bacon for a friend who did me a favor he welded 5 gambel's for me 3 for elk and 2 for deer anywho here is the bacon i used hi mtn season for the cure cured it for 10 days i smoked it using cherry wood

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That looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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that does look awesome, way to go! Thanks for the reminder... I have two butts in cure right now, today is day 5 and time to turn. Hope the high mountain buckboard cure is a good one.

Thanks for sharing the q-view
aka Rocky
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Yummy! I am 10 days into two slabs in the fridge and plan on doing them Sunday. Thanks for making me drool 5 days in advance!
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Mmmm... Huey, looks great!cool.gif
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