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Whole Hog in a Lang 48

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Has anyone done a pig in a 3rd gen Lang 48 yet?

I plan on doing one Memorial day weekend. The Lang site says 70lb o pig will fit. I'm thinking that's with the head and legs removed. Will that fit butterflied or will I need to tuck it all in?
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I coulnt tell you but you coud call the people at Lang and I bet they would tell you...
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After talking to Ben and my butcher, it will be a 45lb'er minus head and legs. Will supplement pulled pork to make up the difference. Pics to follow!
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I've got the Patio 48 and haven't done a whole pig yet. By looking at the size of what we did at the N. FL gathering, I think I could comfortably get at least one whole pig in mine.
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Good call. Your not gonna get a very big pig in a 48. I can do a 80-90 lber in my 60, but why.icon_eek.gif

I have gone that route. fun and fancy, but to feed the masses, pork butts and briskets or big chucks(16-28 lbs). very little carcass to throw away, no head or feet. Not wanting to spoil the plan, but for the most bang for the buck.............I'm just sayin! instead of the 80-90 lb pig in my 60(and alot of wrestling) I can put 110-120 lbs of the above cuts in there.
Just my 2 cents worth!PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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