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Just wanted to give you guys a preview of what's to come tonight......found these this morning. I'll post pics of the giant ribeye these will be going on later!

More later!!!
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What kind of mushroom is that? I wouldn't trust my ability to tell a good from bad one in the wild. Gues that's why I buy em!
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Those are some beauties! Look to be about what 3 or 4 inches. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Since you put this in the beef forum....

Those are morel mushrooms for those who didn't recognize. And some fine looking sepecimins too.
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PIMPZILLA, are you a hunter or did you just happen to find those?
Didn't even know until the other day when I was reading about Morels that they grow within the few years following a forest fire.
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Are those the kind of mushrooms that make you paranoid?
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Very nice find there. Congratulations!
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You found those? I hope there weren't any witnesses. If so, they'll all be gone by Monday.
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Here's the final product.....ribeye, potato w/cheese, salad, and fried shrooms!

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Great looking finish. Love thase rib eye my favorite steak and those morels look really really good too. Hint Hint. Can you see where I'm going with this?
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That looks awesome!!
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Nice find. Being able to forage for morels is a real treat. Great accompaniment for the ribeye.
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great looking shrooms, I found a batch the other day and fried them up with some chicken
its so sad that they are only around for a few weks a year.
if anyone is able to ever master growing those commercially
they will be rich!
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MMMMM almost time here......went out last weekend and picked 3 lbs of asparagus, next week we will hit our secret spot for morels.
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