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UDS - Maiden Voyage

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started new girl up about 1/2 hours ago..

put around 6 lbs of unlit in charcoal basket around an old coffee can and lit 14 brickettes

opened up 3 intake valves...quickly closed one... down to one intake fully open....holding perfect bbq temps, will check shortly and adjust accordingly

couple of hours later, it is still chugging at 225-230* and it is windy out... the ball valve is 3/4 open.

added some abt's and a fatty.... gotta remember for next time, close all the intakes or you will get a major heat spike..mine hit 300*F in a very short time.

i forgot to mention..i love my

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I haven't noticed those large spikes so far, but if I open it up I close it rather quickly. To that point though, I can grill the hell out of some food with the lid off.

Hey looking good man!
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Looks great!! Are you using hickory smoke?

Makes me hungry for Bacon
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i am using apple wood...not a big fan of hickory or mesquite
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Very nice, you're gonna love that thing.
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i already do...its over 4 hours later and its still at 225...

fatty all done - abt's just about done

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Looks good! I'm gonna fire mine up tonight too! It is windy here too. Sustained 30mph with gusts to 50. Gonna nestle the drum in behind the house out of the direct wind.
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No need, the drum does well with the high winds.
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exactly... it was between 40*-50* here all day with huge wind never effected my heat

finished abt's

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Good lord, that looks like a successful maiden voyage smoke! Gotta throw some points your way, thanks for sharing the pics! icon_lol.gif
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Holy Smokes!!!!.....We had 10-15 mph tradewinds today and I was tending to my little GOSM at what looked to be every 10-15 minutes. Are these drums sort of like set it and forget it ?

Wow!!!!those ABTs and fattie look inspiring !!!!
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Not far from it, once set they don't need much tending at all.
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yup the UDS was a set it and forget it for me... i actually went outside and replaced one of my thermometers on the UDS while it was cooking just to make sure the temp was

it maintained 225-235 all day...had to kick the barrel once to get rid of the ash build up and temps went back up

we will try it today with more food on it... ribs on the menue plus???
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