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I'm back... I think

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Hey all... been away for a while, but I am finding more time these days for a few things that I enjoy. I hope to be a regular here again. Question for you guys... the board seems a little light. I mean, a lot of the info I had bookmarked is gone or pointed somewhere else, my hypers don't work, etc. Did something happen? I'm not trying to complain, but there were several posts that I referred to on occasion that I can't find at all.

I searched for an explination to what may have happened, but I've found nothing.

So, howdy all, and I hope to be talking with ya soon!

Smoke on.
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Site moved to a new server with ugly crash involved. A lot of things are different now.
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You may notice that the portals along the side aren't here and little things like name colors are just not what they used to be. Some of the pointers don't point to the right location along with some avatar and sig pic problems. Nothing major - just enough to bug ya.
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Things are different indeed... are things also missing? I mean, there are lots of good posts that I just can't find. For example... if I search for myself, I find that I've started only 19 threads... there used to be 60 or so. I'm looking for info on a few that just aren't there. Is this pretty typical?

Arrrgh! Oh well.
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During the crash we lost about 2 months of data. If you posted anything from 11/08 to 1/09 then its gone. We are still working at getting the rest restored back to normal

PM me a few of the links that arent working and Ill see what I can do for you.
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Thanks for the offer, but I really can't remember what the titles were, nor do I have the old links. I had a couple in my signateure (for pit mods and such), but I've already wiped them out because they weren't working. It's not a huge deal... I was just wondering what I missed out on.

I'll find the info I need somehow. Search, ask questions, etc.

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Welcome back to the forum. It will just take a bit of getting used to again. One thing that hasn't changed is that we still like Qview!
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What he said.
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