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WSM question

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i know i have seen this discussed on here somewhere but ive searched up and down and cant find it. maybe the crash.. anyway here is my issue... i want to drill a hole on the bottom of the WSM for drainage. in order for the hole to be effective, i think it needs to be at least 1/2" wide. my question is wont that create an opening for air flow and affect the temps while im cooking? any ideas?
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Whenever you drill a non-adjustable hole in a smoker, it's has potential to affect the equipment.

On the other hand, if you have the 2009 WSM, it is equipped with the ash guard. This should limit the amount of additional air flow. If you own a pre-2009 model, I would suggest using one of the 3 vents as your drain hole.

You might want to check on virtualweberbullet.com

Good Luck,
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i kind of wanted it to be in the middle on the bottom because i already use the side vents as a drain. i was looking to make it easier when the smoker gets wet from the sprinklers or rain
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you will be fine, just adj. the vents acordingly for temps, not sure why you would need a drain, but it will work fine.
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