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unthawing smoked ribs

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First of all, THANK YOU, Jeff and all. When I trashed r2d2 and moved up to the Brinkman Smoken pit professional I thought I lost my touch. I couldn't get anything to tast good. [Friends ditched me] Then I found this site. With a few mods I am smoking at my peak again.
Again thank you!!!!!
Now my question, 3 days ago I smoked 321 ribs and a pork loin for the Minnesota fishing opener this Saturday. I frose them imedelitly.

I thought I would unthaw and warm them up on the grill up north, the weather should be 35 to 45 degrees with a stiff NW wind and a little snow. Hot ribs will hit the spot.
Any suggestions on reheating, will they fall apart to quick on the grill, or should we use the microwave.
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What did you freeze em in? Ziplock bag, vac bag?

I freeze all our product in vac bags, put on a big pot a water an bring ta a low boil, then shut off the heat an add the vac bags, bring meat upta 140°. Ifin ya used a zip bag, microwave will work, but be carefull ya don't overcook it.

Ribs could be warmed up oven style with a pan a water ta hep keep em moist.
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I've gone from freezer strait to the oven and cooked at a low temp(250o) until good and hot and they've been fine. Also pulled from freeze and thawed and reheated on low heat grill with good resluts. Travs method work just as well. You'll be fine.
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I have always thawed them and then grill them until hot again. I always cook my just alittle pink in the center so they heat up well and still moist
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9 out of 10 times I'll just micro. Big batches i'll thaw and throw in the oven.
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