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Hey all, from Scottsdale, AZ.

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Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd clock in after browsing/occasionally posting for a couple of weeks.

I'm British, so I talk weird, and have been a keen kitchen cook for a while, red meat being my 'thing', hense the diversion into smoking.

I've smoked probably a dozen things now, slowly getting the hang of it. It's addictive, and always been delicious so far.

I use a vertical (square) brinkmann charcoal smoker with water tray. Criminally, I used kingsford intant-light briquettes untill I was all out, because we need to create room for new ones! Thankfully, I've just returned from Home Depot with some lump charcoal.

If I may ask a q on my intro post, but - I will be using two new components for my next smoke this weekend, wondering what you think will happen;

Instead of the charcoal pan provided, which gives no ventilation/airflow, I have purchased a vegetable searing pan, which is basically a square pan covered in little holes. Perfect - ash can fall, and air can flow. Will this increase the temperature in the smoker, or just allow the coals to burn longer?

Secondly, I now have lump coals, not insta-flame briquettes. With these bad coals in the zero-ventilated coal pan, I could just about regulate temperature, just not for long, until the briquettes started choking. I understand that decent lumps will burn slightly hotter, am I correct?

So, as an estimation, given that I now have lump coals, and a well ventilated coal tray, am I going to need more or less lump charcoal...?

Thanks all!
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Welcome to SMF Papoo... your searing pan will solve your second question also...your coals shouldn't choke out with ash and let your coals burn more evenly.

BTW...ya don't sound like ya talk funnytongue.gif
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So by this, I deduce that I shall need to use less lump charcoal, firstly because I'm using something that runs hotter naturally (I think), and secondly because it'll burn even hotter due to better airflow/less ash?

I do talk funny, I promise you - I'm reminded that daily by my wife!
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Not sure you'll use less, but you will have far better control of your temps.
Never did a side by side comparision of how much I've used.

Ya sound fine ta
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Well thank you for your advice, Grothe. I'll see how I get along. I'll start with a low-estimate of coals, can always build on that to hit the temps. The main appeal of this new charcoal pan was temp control. The standard one is just a bowl, and the top rim of it (the only place the air can enter) was above the inlets, which my experience tells me now, that the inlets were useless - temp control was purely down to amount of coals!

I'll get the hang of this Q'Vue soon, want to show you the three racks of spares and a fattie I'm doing this Saturday..
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You're on the right track...Lookin forward to the pics!!!
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Welcome aboard Papoo!
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Welcome to the SMF. Charcoal folks should ring in soon.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. I don't use charcoal so can't really help you but others will be along to add to what you've gotten so far. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to the forum Papoo, glad to have you here. :)
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Yep, your hooked. Fortunately there is no cure. Treat the symptoms with regular doses of thin blue smoke. Welcome aboard, good luck, and happy smoking!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome aboard
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welcome from tucson area.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. I agree with Grothe, you don't talk funny. icon_lol.gif

I use charcoal but have only done a couple of smokes with it so I'm not that qualified to answer. I've only used Royal Oak lump so far. Just bought a bag of Stubb's bricketts to try.
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