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Lang Question #2

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How are the Temp Gauges that come installed on the Langs? Are they good quality or do I need to plan on replacing them? Just tryiing to know what to expect..
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They are very good quality and sell for about 40 bucks each.
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What brand are the thermometers Lang uses in their smokers?
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My 60 is a couple years old, but it's a Tel-Tru
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tel-tru are very good, but don't make the mistake of thinking that the temp of the grill is the same as the temp on gauge.mine runs about 30 degrees hotter than the real temp of the grill. just my 2 cents worthicon_lol.gif
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My tel-tru reads about 25-30 higher than actual grate temp...
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Mine does as well - and we have the same Lang.
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I'll have to check that. It probably has to do with the location of the gauge. Mine is at the top on the far left. Don't know what impact it has, but I bet it has some.
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I ordered a couple of thermoteres that ahve two probes on them. One for the meat and one for the chamber. Maybe that will help...
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Make sure that you place the chamber probe at grate level -some come with a clip that you attach to the grate and then place you probe in the clip. I just run my chamber probe through a potato that I cut in half widthwise. I've seen some "Lang-a-likes" (Lang clones) that have had temp gauges placed at grate level just to the side of the door opening in order to get a more accurate chamber temp at food level.
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yep, same hereicon_confused.gif
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