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UDS add ons

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I plan on installing a lid & grate hook on my UDS. I also want to add on a shelf or two for holding my ET-73 and such. I am interested in seeing what people have used for shelves and would like to check out any other add ons that I may not be thinking of. I don't have a welder, I have seen some of the neat shelves you guys have welded on but I can't do that.

Any ideas for me would be greatly appreciated!
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I used shelf brackets for my table... no welding at all.

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Billbo, I used closet shelf brackets, they be the ones that hold a shelf an a closet pole. Cut the shelf ta the radius a the drum an mounted the brackets with some bolts, then bent the U part a the bracket so they be square with the front edge a the shelf. Now I'm addin in the closet pole fer pushin the drum round, hangin tongs an fer maybe a towel.

I'll try an get some pics posted here in a day er two on the ones I used.
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I used the same brackets as Jeanie, they work great.
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Thanks to all who chimed in! Love the pic of the bottle of nector on your shelf Cowgirl! Tip, I do want to see your set up when you get a chance too.
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I'm like Billbo, I'm wanting a shelf too but wanting one that will collapse for storage or putting in the truck. I've got some parts from Lowes and will be trying a couple of things this week.
Anyone got ideas on a collapsable shelf?
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Collapsable? Hmmm. Interesting. That would make storage and transport easier.
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