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GOSM problem

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I did a beer butt chicken yesterday and everything started out fine
I check the temp after about an hour a half and it was only running about 225* I had it just about to medium. so I cranked it to just above medium which is probably higher than I have ever had to have it. long story short I wanted to run the last hour or so on my bird at around 300 or so to crisp it up. I turned it all the way to high and the flame just didnt seem to change much. Highest the temp ever got was about 240*. warm day, no wind? et75 temp probe functioning correctly . plenty of fuel.
anyone ever have this problem.
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On all tanks there is what I call a check valve and if you open the tank to fast the check valve only allows very low pressure out this has happened to me a couple of times. Just turn the tank valve off and turn back on very slowly. I have this trouble with one of my tanks.
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