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Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Good luck.
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Go Get'em Rick!
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thanks for all the well wishes everyone. I cannot stress enough the need to be a people person if you are going to do this on a larger scale than I. This venture is kinda just getting our feet wet to see how it goes. One thing I have learned so far is that folks will pay for good Q and it is your job to make them happy about it! A outgoing and preferably humorous persona will go along way and delivering what you promise will seal the deal. If you can establish a FUNNNNNNN image you will sell lots of Q as long as you deliver as promised.
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That is our plan as well. My business partner and I have been doing this for 5 years now and still enjoy doing custom events. The people aspect is possibly one of the most important parts of doing small personal caterings. We will do events as small as 10 or as many as 500, all with the same attitude and great eats. I have a following of Vegetablearians that enjoy the "vegetarian" friendly things we will cook for them. I personally rationalise beef as a veggie (They eat grass, right? , grass is a vegetable, right? it is green so it must count). Have fun with the adventure and never compromise and ALWAYS keep it fun, cause if it is not, it usually is not worth doing. Our slogan is "A little BS goes along way". So have fun with it. we do.
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