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My GOSM smoker does not want to light on its own...Can you replace this striker or clean it or what. It has always worked good. Now you can turn the gas one and click the striker and it does not want to light the burner...Please help...

Thanks, Steve
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Sorry, can't hep ya much with that, I just use one them butane lighters. I would thin ya could replace the igniter with one from most any gas grill though.
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I was at Lowe's yesterday and saw they had a variety of replacement ignitors/strikers available. I think they started around $12. For what its worth I got a $5 refillable butane bbq lighter with a metal neck that works great.
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Some trouble-shooting tips

Without the gas on, and in low light, turn the knob on the igniter and see if it sparks or not. It could be a rusty/dirty wire connection on the igniter or probe, or damaged wire if there's no spark. Also, make sure the probe isn't bent or broken, and that the clearancve between the probe and burner aren't excessive. The igniter unit should keep working as long as you can still hear that sharp clunk when it actuates for a spark.

I have had alittle trouble with mine lately, too. It doesn't want to light with the burner gas on high, so I back it off to med/low, and it lights fairly reliably that way.

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In the "off-season" ie; winter...sometimes they can develop an oxidation on them. Assuming nothing is broken, you may be able to just rub the contacts with a piece of sandpaper to clean them off.
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yep they can be replaced. I just use a butane refillable lighter now.
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