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New GOSM - $400

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That's right, the big 'un, $400, on sale Wed night at ACE Hardware, everyday price $600, I'm jazzed, I've been wanting one for a long time, but 600 was just over the top.

I just finished assembly, and I have a couple of questions, first off, is the thermometer worth bothering with, I'm thinking of replacing it with a Tel-Tru, and the other question is where is the best place to mount it, in the middle of the the cooker or closer to the top, is there a large temp difference between the bottom rack and the top rack?

The reason I'm asking is should I order 1 or 2 thermometers?

Or..., I installed 2 BBQ Guru eyelets for my Maverick, should I forget the outside therms and just go with the Maverick?

I've probably read every thread here 2-3 times and I have come up with a couple of mods I'm going to try.

1. I'm going to fabricate a pipe burner about 6-8 inches long with it's own regulater for cheese and jerky.

2. I'm going to build an outer shell and insulate top, sides, back and the door, to see if that will help cut down fuel consumption.

Thanks for your replies, Gene
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My friend, don't waste your time with the stock therm, just replace it. As to where to locate it on the door, try very near to the level of the rack you'll mostly use. I have three therms on my door, to cover different temp zones. Based on ventilation and water in the pan, there can be almost 50°(F) difference from bottom rack to top rack. Be sure you calibrate any new therm before you install/use it. It's all good my friend. BTW, can you provide us with a pic of your new GOSM?
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Ok friend, here is a pic of my first smoke on my new GOSM.

Stuffed pork chops with EVO and Pig's Worst Nightmare rub and some chicken quarters with EVO and an Orange rub.

Chicken at 168° and pork at 163°, I held the temp at 250°, man I like the finished color of cooking with gas, next we'll see what happens at 300°.

The light blue smoke coming out of the smoke box is a combo of pistache and mango wood.

All in all I'm really happy with the results, after I seasoned it I turned the gas up to high, I'm certain the stock therm is not accurate, but it was pegged, this is going to be excellent for pizza.

I have another question; do the bottom vents do anything more than just allow combustion air? I set the dial on low, top vent fully open and then I played around with opening and closing them and it didn't change the temp in the smoker one degree.

Thanks, Gene
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Hey Gene,

Congrats on the Big GOSM. You're going to love the Mavericks. I'm going to have to try Mango wood sometime.
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Next time you might want to place chicken on bottom of you racks and ribs on top.
That way juices of chicken will not end up on you ribs for safey.
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
congrats on new smoker looking foward to lots of qviews.
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Congrats on new GOSM. What are the dimensions of this smoker?
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I'm very much interested, can you post a link to this, I tried Ace Hardware with no results. Is there a model number or a name that they use. Or does your location have anything to do with this???? Any help would be great.

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Thanks for the replies,

Old poi dog, I find it goes very well with chicken, I have some breadfruit drying, have you ever used that?

REENTS & morkdach, thanks for the heads-up, I was a little intimidated by the burner, so being my first time I was a little worried about the chicken being too close to it, the chicken is an after thought because the pork looked so lonely in it, it is on the back part of the rack and the pork is on the front so that there wouldn’t be any problems, but yes that is good advice to all that are looking.

Cman95, the cooking chamber is; H 36”x W 24”x D 16”

Hank, The price is because of where I live, one of the prices of living in paradise (pardon the pun), it’s a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain model # 3605BGD, I think you should be able to find them in the States for half the price, I have a Weber Smokey Mountain that I like alot, but this is just turn a knob and push a button.

This smoker is great, cooked some fresh asparagus, brushed on some EVO and sprinkled some Montreal Steak Seasoning on them, cooked on low for about 15 minutes, turning so they don’t burn, we like them with a little crunch left in them. Never really liked asparagus until I tried it like this.

Thanks for looking, Gene
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When I saw your address I suspected that the price reflected that. You got me all excited in thinking there was a new smoker. Actually that is the unit I've used for chose wisely.

Enjoy your new toy!
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Great choice and I'm glad to see that you are enjoying it so much. I also have a GOSM and I really enjoy it as well. And by the way, the lower vents are solely for allowing air in for combustion. I usually keep mine closed to the little tabs on them. However, the upper vent is always kept fully open. I like to keep the smoke moving ... no stagnation. Also, you're right on regarding the thermos. Good luck and let us hear from you often.
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Rookie question, always used charcoal/charwood. Is there a big difference in the taste between meat cooked with propane and those cooked with charcoal? Congrats on the new GOSM. Can't wait for the Q-view.
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Cajun not IMO I have the same smoker. Can put out alot of meat. I did 12 butss in mine before and still had room to spare.
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement,

Cajunsmoke, I personally don't know what a charcoal taste is, I gave up bbq and briquettes over 30 years ago because of my ineptness, the only taste I could produce was burnt. I've used a gas grill for the last 10 years but wasn't really pleased with the results, until about 18 months ago when I bought a WSM and fell into this wonderful world of real bbq.

I usually brine or marinate before cooking, when cooked on my gas grill we taste the results of the brine or marinade and whatever rub we have added. When smoked on the WSM there is definefly a smoke flavor added in. The reason I bought it was because of the size, instant heat and when I see pics of food cooked with gas I like the color.

I can say my first cook was just as delicous and had a smokey taste just like the food smoked on my WSM.

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BOY do I feel lucky! I just purchased this smoker brand new in box from someone who had it sitting in their garage for a couple of years. They never opened it.

I paid $120.00 icon_smile.gif
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Where's the meat?

Put some food in that monster!
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I just bought mine for $265 with shipping from Bass Pro. Should be here tomorrow. My last smoker died over a year and half ago. I'm looking forward to getting back to smoking again. Espically now that it is Fall. There is something about BBQ and cooler weather!
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