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What I've got going so far...

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I don't have a lot of room for gardening, but I try to get as much as I can. I have a 2 ft by 24 ft. area that will be filled soon. But in the meantime, I have some young stuff starting out. Jalapenos, maters, green onions, parsley, cucumbers, cilantro just germinated, and my NM Espanola, Sandia, and Big Jim's will be transplanted in 4 weeks. I'm stilll waiting for the bell peppers and Spanish white onions to germinate. Don't laugh, it's all I have to work with... I'll have better pics once everything is in the ground.
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Looks like a great start Rich
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Those jalepenos are looking good already.
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Rich, those look great! I was able to finish planting my garden this week. It's a good feeling.....
Can't wait to see more of your pics!
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Jeanie, you're too kind. Thanks lady.
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Nice start Rich.Look forward to your pics and definetly your pepper cooking etc.
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hey rich how do you germinate your peppers?

whats been working for me is this....

i wet down a coffee filter, put the desired seeds in it, fold it up and put in a zip lock bag.

put on top of my upright freezer or by my monitor. i check them everyday for moisture and to give them fresh air. once germinated, i plant them about a 1/4" down in peat pellets..seems to work
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Excellent start! Wish I could plant yet. Your plants look nice and healthy, congratulations.

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looks good rich... yes you dont have alot a ground for a garden but sure looks like you have it well planned out how to utilize what you got to its fullest!!! nice job, i just tilled mine yesterday. finally starting to get spring up here. the garden itch is here too!!!
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