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I smoked yesterday and put a pile of small chips on the bottom and 3 large chunks on top with plenty of space between them. I didn't soak them and probably should have. I had a flare up about 45 minutes into the smoke and the temp was a pain to control due to this, not to mention the billowing smoke. Then it calmed down and I had great slow rolling smoke for about two hours. It was a fairly long smoke so I added two very small chunks. I figured I had lost good smoke from the massive white smoke during the flare up. It all came out awesome in the end so it was successful and I think I ended up using less wood than when I packed it tightly in the past.

How do you control the flare up? Is that what the soaking is for? Does anyone else add additional wood during a long smoke?

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I knew what you meant. I was messing around. icon_cool.gif
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I have done two smokes since I posted. I have taken into consideration everything everyone has suggested. Mostly to use a mix of chips and chunks, and to not fully pack the wood box like I had been. Both smokes have produced much better smoke. The smoke I have going now (about two hours in) has had consistent and constant smoke throughout, no flair ups, and I would dare say a constant thin blue smoke.

Thanks for the pointers. It really helped!

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Good to hear...Glad you got 'er figured out.
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Great news Scott! Ain't it fun....
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Glad to know we helped out and that you now have the smoke flowing. I think you'll find that people here on SMF will be able to answer any smoking question you can think of.
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So I wrote that post while a smoke was rolling, and before I ate the goodies. I was underwhelmed. It was a small smoke just for my wife and I. Some bratwursts and some nuts. I have done brats and nuts in the past and they have come out fantastic. The smoke just wasn't powerful enough. I didn't think I would care if smoke was underwhelming, but it kinda sucks.

It was about a two hour smoke. I stopped it because the brats hit 172F. Should I have smoked longer? Added more wood to the smoke box (I could have without packing it too tight)? Or did a combination of both increased time and wood by slowly adding more wood throughout the smoke?

It was very warm outside if that makes a difference. It seems like all of my best smokes are when it's cold outside.

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