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cleaning the ecb

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Hey guys, what's the best way to clean the inside of the ecb's? Would an oven cleaner do the job? Thanks in advance for input.
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Oven cleaner should work but unless it is real crusty don't bother. That is were the wonderful smell is coming from when you open the top. (Not smoking) Just clean your grates and pans. Just my .02
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I agree with cman, I have never cleaned mine with exception of large blobs of grease etc. The coating on the inside is your seasoning and enhances your flavors. Here is a link debating the subject to help you decide. Hope this helps! http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...leaning+smoker
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When I finish smoking, I just throw my grates and pan on my gas grill. Let them burn off and brush them down with a wire brush and your good to go.
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Clean the inside of the smoker icon_eek.gif

Yep, just the pan and the grates. Us aluminum foil in the water/sand pan and you can almost skip that.
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