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Chuck Roast Questions

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Hi All. I am going to do a 4.5 lbs chuck Roast. Should I do it like I do the brisket? Or is there a Better way? I have searched and when I bring up chuck it is the thin steak like chucks and this is a roast about 5 inches high 6 inches wide and 4 inches thick. Any and all help is welcome!icon_smile.gif
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Hey sarge...
Good question... Yes do it like a brisket. The chuck is generaly a more forgiving cut than brisket. I would definately take it to 200 degrees internal and shred it for sammies. If you want it sliced then chill it before you slice it and then reheat it covered in a 250 degree oven.
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Tell us what you plan on doing with it? Slice or pull?
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I have a general rule of thumb. If your gonna slice it... ham.. brisket... strami..... sholder.... 180- 185. If your gonna pull it 195 - 205. Don't go by this on leaner cuts of meat like loin or tenderloin. 155-160 and off the heat to rest.
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Yes I plan on Slicing it. I thought it would be the same but just wanted to check before I smoke her in tomorrow.

Thanks. I will monitor for any other posts!

Thanks All

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I do mine just like a brisket and take it to 192-195 for slicing after a short rest of about 30-40 minutes.
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Thanks All
I will post on the Smoke and of course there will Be a QVIEW!icon_smile.gif
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