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hey new here

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hi im kasey im 22 from east,tn.i have junk smoker than cant keep heat in.i am realy new at smoking
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Welcome to SMF Kasey....what kind of smoker ya a pic if ya can. I'm sure we can help ya out!!
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Welcome to SMF. Im sure you can get answers here to help with that smoker. Try the 5 day e course.
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Welcome to SMF, Kasey. Glad you joined us. Please tell us more about your smoker. We can't help you if we don't know anything about it.
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Welcome aboard! Like the others have said let us know what kind of smoker you have and I am sure someone will be able to help!
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its one of the cheap ones that the bottom is open and has a bowl that you put your coals in.the temp gage reads warm,hot,and it at a yard sale for $5.i need to get a new one.i am thinking electric
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Hello Kasey and welcome aboard. Glad you joined us. Lots of people here use rigs that are similar to yours with great success. Browse the charcoal smoker threads that deal with ECB's, or just ask and folks will be glad to help. Good luck!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Kasey welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Click on this link and see if it looks like your smoker if so then lots of people here have them and they turn out some great stuff on them. They just need some mods to get them to work better
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[welcome aboard. there's allot of good knowledge here on just about any kind of smoker you can imagine, so ask allot of questions and you will be able to make a very informed purchase. your gonna love it here!
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Hi Kasey, welcome to SMF.
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Welcome to the SMF, you're in for a fun summer.
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Welcome to the group Kasey from east Tennessee back where there still are a lot of smokehouse's being used on the farm. Ain't no such thing as a junk smoker if it makes smoke it will make meat.
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