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quick question

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can i stack racks of ribs on top of each other to smoke? say 6 racks, 3 across and 2 deep? if you know what im saying? i wouldnt see why not, but i wanted to throw it out there.
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I would think it will work but not gonna get as much smoke in them I would rotate them a few times
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Is a rib rack an option? stand them on end
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I would think it would slow the cooking process down too. Since you're not able to get heat on both sides of the meat at the same time.

I guess if I were to try it, I would see if I could get the (now removed) membrane sides to face each other. That would leave an air gap between the two racks. But not sure if they would sit like that.

I'd say a better option would be to use a rack. Here's one I found on amazon for $10 that holds 6 racks
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i like to foil and add alitte apple juice. the rack doesnt allow for this. that is my only dislike.
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Just gonna throw this out because I have not personally tried it yet. "Roll up the ribs to save room on the smoker"

Scroll to the bottom of the page.
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When you foil, put a couple racks of ribs together in the foil, when you remove from foil, put them back into the rib rack. You can still spray them down while in the rack.
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Use the racks for the first step.....double em up in the foil (bone sides together as dude said)....after the foil, back on the racks.
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I would suggest getting and using a rack until it's time to foil them. Then stacking them would be ok as long as you rotated them for even cooking. Once they're removed from the foil, I'd put them back in the rack to firm up.
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I would use the rack to start out, then foil and layout in smoker. The ribs arent' taking on smoke in the foil,just braising the meat. Then put them back on rack to firm up for last hr.

just my $.02
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...or you could send me 3 of the racks and I'll smoke them here.

And to answer your next question, of course I'll take pictures and let you know how they were!

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thanks for the help
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Use the rack. Then when you foil 'em, stick 'em in the oven cause they're not getting any smoke after they're foiled anyway.
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If for some reason you just have to stack em up.... I'd pick up something like a few 1/2 dowel rods and lay them inbetween the layers of ribs. That way you are getting air circulating all the way around the rib. Just an idea.
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