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Not new to the board, but got some new gear!

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Thought I'd pass along a pic of my latest aquisition. Sorry for the shotty cell camera picture.

I picked up this rig from my friends dad for $250.00. Couldnt pass it up. His name is Chuck so I'm thinking of calling it the "Chuck Wagon" in his honor.

It has at least a 4 inch pipe with holes in the bottom running from the fire box up to the front of the chamber. I imagine this makes for good even heat distribution.

The grates inside measure 29x18 and there are 4 in a row so that's what 6 feet ?!?

Anyway I'll post some better pics after I do some resurrection. I am lining up a little sand blast action for the outside and a paintjob. The grates are in good shape, but I need to give it a good degrease on the inside from the last 6 years of cooking. I also intend to redo the side cutting boards and maybe make the side tray about 6 inches wider.

Anyway thanks for looking and thanks for a great forum!


Vegas Frak
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thats a nice score for $250, good job
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Real nice rig, and for $250...that's a great deal...Congrats!!
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Great buy congrats PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That will look sharp when you get it blasted and repainted. Keep us posted with the progress.
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Wow, $250 - I'm jealous! Good for you!
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What a great deal! Keep us posted with it's progress.
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Excellent deal! Christmas came early to you!
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WOWsuper deal price is right keep us posted on this and lets see the good stuff comen out of it please.
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Now that's what I'm talking about!!!!! I think I see my future.icon_lol.gif
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Sweet nice job! Looking forward to the Q-Views from that baby.
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Wow what a deal! Congrats VFPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Super, don't walk and buy lottery tickets!!
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Congrats on a super did good. Keep us posted..
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Nice score on that smoker, congrats my friend.
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Very cool rig. Post up some pics when you get the first whole HOG in that beast.
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