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Weekend bottom round

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After cleaning up the smoker and finishing some mods I thought I would do some ribs and round. Nothing out of the ordinary this time I put the round and ribs in some Stubs marinade and left them to sit overnight. The next day I fired up the smoker and came out with these beautiful bits of joy.... The smoke ring on this round was probably the best I have seen myself do so far.

Q-view were from the next day out of the fridge.

Oh ya forgot to mention I got a new slicer and used it to cut this up and OMG what a difference.
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Looks good to me. Nice smoke ring
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Looks great. What slicer did you get?
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Nice job! Glad you like your new slicer.
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Man that is a good looking smoker ring. Great job!
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Thank you very much.

I picked up the "Open Country® Electric Food Slicer"

I do very much thank you.

Thank you.
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Great lookin beef....dang nice job!
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