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Drummers . . . I have questions.

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My UDS is basically finished. I'm just waiting for the grate to arrive (ordered a 24 1/2" grate since I working with an 85 gallon drum). Yesterday I purchased a 12" Eastman Outdoors deep fryer thermometer. Planning to use that so as to get a temp reading just under the center of my cooking grate. Does this make sense or should I be cooking mostly around the edge and thus measuring my temperature closer to the outside?

Also, I'll be doing my seasoning burn today. Any advice on time or temp? I'll be coating the inside with some old peanut oil (never used, but old).

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The only draw back to the type of therm you have will be that you will have to remove it to install the charcoal basket each time ya want to cook. I normally keep an eye on the middle grate temp. I try to center my goods to the nearest part of the center as I can, not always possible though.

Load the basket up with fuel, light a half chimney (or less) and get temps up (225 to 250) and let it go till the fuel is burnt out.
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Rick - thanks for the input. What do you recommend using to coat the inside of the drum for seasoning?
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What Rick said on the cooking.

I would use the seasoning run to try and get to know your drum's personality. I wouldn't start half a chminey though. I think the temps would really rocket up. Start maybe a quarter and bring it up slow. See where the drum wants to settle in. Also be aware that an empty drum will still want to creep up temp wise even after it is warmed up. If you can't keep the temps below 250° when it is empty don't worry about it. A couple of pork butts or a 10 pound brisket makes a great heat sink and when your running it loaded, the temp won't creep much (unless you have a leak or you're at the end of the cook). biggrin.gif

After you get it going and somewhat settled in, go back in the house and roll yourself a fattie and put it on the drum. The dripping fat vaporizing on the coals will help with the seasoning -- and drive you crazy with its awesome smell. And be ready because it only takes a couple hours to cook a fatty on a drum.

Have fun with it and enjoy your new drum.

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Your peanut oil should be fine. Or spray on some Pam. Or wipe it down with Crisco.

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Thanks Dave. I'll ask you the same question . . . what should I use to coat the inside of the drum for seasoning?

Can't cook a fatty today unfortunately because I don't have my cooking grate yet! :(
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Ignore my last one. Thanks!
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I did say half or less
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Oops . . . icon_redface.gif . That's right. You did say that in your first post. But I forgot by the time I finished typing my response.

That's true.biggrin.gif

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