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Looks like someone is going to have some yummy pulled pork, Dawn. Glad your friends are raving about it. May be time to start handing a business card over with "the goods" cool.gificon_lol.gif

Great looking smoke!
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Ok, after chatting with Mikey, I've decided to pull the butts, foil them and put them in the Bradley to finish. They can enjoy their plateau there instead of in the brinkmann. icon_lol.gif

After losing power today the house is not that cool to begin with and I do not want to heat it up any more than I have to. They are in the Bradley at 250 until they hit 205 or so.

This is one of the butts, forgot to take a pic of the other one.
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Looks good nice bark!!
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Monster butt update. icon_smile.gif One is now at 190, the other one is at 171. I have no clue which butt is which.
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Uh oh. Can't you follow the probe leads back to the therm?
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Yeah, lol, I meant which one had which rub on it. Sorry I wasn't more specific. One of them is almost ready for the cooler, another couple of degrees to go. icon_smile.gif
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Ha. Guess I should've known better.
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The finale

The monster butts turned out great! I'm very happy with the results.

This is the one with Jeff's rub:

This has the magic dust takeoff rub on it:

I'm going to chop the butt that has Jeff's rub on it today. It is for a pot luck dinner for the boy scouts and I'm hoping it will make it easier and less messy for them to eat. I'm planning on having a couple of different sauces available as well as some slaw to put on the sammies.
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Look delicious! What do you do to reheat the meat?


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Very nice lookin butt you have there Dawn!
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I like to leave the fat cap on to help keep the meat moist but also want to have the rub reach the meat. I feel this does both jobs fairly well.
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I will be using a crockpot to reheat the meat for the pot luck dinner. Just put the meat in it, add some of the juices, give it a good stir and turn it on low. It won't dry the meat out and will keep it warm for a long time.

The only problem I have is figuring out how far in advance I need to get it started. I've never had this much to put in it before. icon_lol.gif
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Very nice, Dawn. Start to finish, a great lookin' smoke. I love pp! Thanks for all the Q-view. points.gif
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I may have to go get some BBQ for lunch! It looks AWSOME!
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Great job on those butts Dawn.....looks like some real nice PP..PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good to me.
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Nice job and very happy they turned out good for you now send some my way!
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icon_lol.gif You'll have to come up and get some if there's any left that is.
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Ya got some nice Lookin' Butts there Dawncool.gif
By slicing the fat cap, did you get alot of extra drippings compared to not slicing it?
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