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Monster Butts

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I have no pp left in the freezer and have a pot luck dinner coming up later this week, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and smoke some butts. I found two monster butts at BJ's the other day. They weigh a little over 10 lbs each!

One was rubbed with Jeff's rub and the other one was rubbed using a variation on Magic Dust. The one with Jeff's rub will be for the pot luck dinner. It's already gotten rave reviews in the past by a couple of the people who will be attending. I'll insert a probe after about 3 hrs and see how they're coming along then. It's going to be a long day. icon_lol.gif I'm using hickory chunks which I found the other day at Lowes. My plan is to keep the smoker to about 250. It's supposed to hit 90 icon_eek.gif today and be mostly sunny so it should be no problem. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Wow that a lot of butt, Good luck!
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Very nice! Twins!
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very nice looking butts... wish i could even find a 5lber around here..lol

looking forward to the updates
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Lookin' good Dawn. I'll be watching for the finished pics.
Also I noticed that you have a temp probe on the lower grate. What is the temp difference top to bottom, I never checked mine?
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There seems to be about a 20 degree difference between the top and bottom racks at this point.
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looking good dawn-those are monsters
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Looking good, Dawnicon_lol.gif The 20 degree temp difference is what I get in mine even though it's a wattburner. The water pan is an insulater. 10-15% temp difference is no biggy. Looking forward to the big finishPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Looks like a great start!!
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Thanks for the info everyone.
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I like big butts!


Looks like you got a great day going.
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My favorite!!! Looks great Dawn!
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It's turning into quite a day here. We lost power from about 11 am until just after 1:15 pm. I'm so glad I'm using the Brinkmann! icon_lol.gif The monster butts are coming along nicely.

I used the thermopen at 12 and the top butt was reading 147, the bottom one was 149.
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Your butt looks good. Cant wait to see it finished.
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At 2 pm the top butt reads 161, the one underneath reads 154. I feel some plateaus coming soon. icon_lol.gif They're just chugging along too nicely right now.
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Those are looking great!

Did you score these with a knife?
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Thanks! Yes, I scored them with a knife before I rubbed them.
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I thought so. I've never done that. What purpose does it serve?
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Plateau time

Ok, I knew it was coming. They've both hit the plateau at 160. In fact, the one underneath dropped a degree. I'm going to wait and see how long they will remain there. I'm in no hurry as they weren't going to be eaten for dinner.
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Big butts drive me nutsicon_lol.gif
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