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Beef ribs at the 3 hour mark.

No need for charcoal here.

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They look great Nick. I couldn't find any around here. icon_frown.gif
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looken good
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Cold and rainy here. I'm jealous. Tasty looking ribs.
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MMM Sexy!!!!!!!
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Dang those look good! What kind of wood you using?
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Pecan and Oak.

So our oven is pretty crappy, and I think it was a bit more than 250 during the -2- of the 3-2-1 method.

They still look pretty darn tender though.

Heres some pics.

Thin blue...


Also, went for a walk while the ribs were in the oven and came across this about 5 minutes before the walk was over. This will be art of the lid for my UDS and my new pre burn container.
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Dude, you're like Sanford and Son! lol

Ribs look awsome, BTW...
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Really nice looking bones there, Nick. Hope you like the taste of the pecan, I find it's great on almost anything.
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Looks good Nick hope they are just as good as they look.
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