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smoke cube trial Q view

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well today im testing the turkey roaster i got for $20 on clearence with some apple and charcoal to do a blade roast.

lined the drip pan with foil for easy clean up.

first pic is with apple chunks and charcoals in the troughs.

this one is after i dropped a couple lit coals in on top of cold chunks to get the slow burn going. its working well so far.

impaled the boston rubbed blade roast with a makeshift skure using the oil thermometer. put foil on guage to keep it from getting black.

heres one of the cooking taking place.

ill post the end results as it is still on now. i am gonna let it cook till it fals into the bottom of the basket. thats the guage im using for it being done and tender. unless it burns up and sticks to the therm lol. hope not.

heres my assistant.

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Looks good so far! Curious as to how it works.
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ya new to me too. the coal baskets are in each corner and come out. i added 1-2 lit ones on cold ones to slow cook like starting a uds. for $20 it was worth it just to play with. they were $50 at wal-mart when they came out. i didnt need one that bad but $20.
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Looks like a good start I look forward to how it goes
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love it. the roast was at 180 in 2 1/2 hrs and had great flavor and even a lil ring from the wood chip smoke. it was not fall apart tender but was close and could have been left on untill it was but we were hungry.

finished pics.

hung a chicken and a venison prime rib the next day. 2 hrs and done. this thing is awesome if ye dont have the time for a long smoke. the chicken and deer meat had no seasoning or rub and were bursting with juice and flavor.

my 20 was well invested.
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Right nice job! Tasty lookin!
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That really turned out good. Nice job.
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Very cool...liking that new "toy" of yours.
Real nice job there BGC!!!
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What's the name on the side? qview looks great!
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says backyard classics on it.

ya im enjoying it. many times thawing or forgetting to thaw stuff, just plain old laziness or forgetting, sleeping to late often i get my smokes on much later than i want. this thing will be for those days. it cooks in just a couple hours. i put the bird and venison on at 8:25pm. wife got off work at 9:30 pm. it was done at 10. about the time she got home. i could never had outdoor cooked whole bird done that quick on my smokers.
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Thanks for the info!redface.gif
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Not a bad little unit for the price!
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You Did Good

I could only find one marked down to $30. Going to use mine for cold smoking. Thanks for the tip
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Just saw one of these at our local walmart. Was going to come online and see if anyone had heard of them. Did a quick search fist and found this great thread. I think i might have to go get one.


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Looks great!!  Well spent $20

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I TOTALLY love my charcoal roaster. One year I decided to try my hand at smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner in my Backyard Classic. My family ate more of my turkey than my wife's, and now i am expected to do a turkey every year. This year I actually had to do one for a thanksgiving party we did the weekend before Thanksgiving. My other favorite use for mine is doing roasts I buy from Sam's Club.


One thing to note about the Backyard Classic Charcoal Roster in your sure and empty the drip pan in the bottom as soon as the grease cool down. One year I forgot to do that, and the wind knocked my roaster over allowing my dogs to eat the old drippings. All three of my dogs got sick. Three big inside dogs with stuff coming out both ends all night wasn't a very pretty picture, but it got the relatives to go home a lot sooner than they had planned. I guess there WAS a happy ending to that story after all.

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