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Forgot to add i have a sand blaster. Any idea whether or not this will work?
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yup i agree with you if they are laying down, but with rib racks like i had said.. you will get more. and arent st louis style ribs smaller after they are trimmed from spares?

as for not getting the temps up with that much food....RickW was the drum brought up to temps first, i have seen a drum loaded with food, in the cold of northern michigan and able to maintain temps.

hey Bubba...how many racks can you fit in your UDS??? and i know you have pics...lol
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It sure was. I had the ribs racks full plus one on the side of each rack with 2 racks running with the Weber lid. I've done countless cooks on this drum with no problems what so ever till then. If you over fill the uds it will have a tough time breathing. I have also done cooks in the cold Chicago winters with no problems but there must be space inbetween the items.
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Rick is absolutely correct. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif A UDS works based on induced draft. Hot air rising from the burning charcoal exits the exhaust at the top of the drum and the draft "pulls" air in through the intakes. That's why when you take the lid off, the temp shoots up because you get a whole lot of draft then.

If the racks are too full, you don't get decent draft out of the exhaust and then you have no induction to pull air in through the intakes.

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Suprfast....thank you for the kind words!wink.gif

lolol Mike, I'm still not skeered!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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has anyone tried to use a sandblaster to remove the liner? I burned it last night and it still seems to be intact(when i went home on lunch). Ill try to play with it when i get home.

Its looking more like the new barrels in two weeks and this barrel will be used to store the charcoal and wood. Either way, i still win
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Use a GOOD particle mask if you are going to blast that sucker!
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none was fully loaded. but i have a weber lid and 3 grates. i can put probably 12 racks on it laying flat.
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3 grates! you are my hero, i want just 2. I still think im going to construct with two, worst case i just dont use the second and im out three dollars for u bolts
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I am going to build mine with two grates this weekend. I am actively looking for a Weber doner, so why not? My question is this, if I'm planning on a Weber lid where do I place the second grate? I'm not sure how much clearance the lid will give me, so any advice from you guys out there would sure be helpful. My first grate will be 7" down the barrell. Thanks!
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The bolts for my second grate are 1 inch from the top. To bad you're not closer, I have another lid sitting here you could have.
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My suggestion would be to put it as high up as possible to maximize air flow and space.
Let me know how your build works for you
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I sure appreciate the offer! It is a bit of a drive though... Can't wait to get going on this, just gotta get to the weekend so I can at least start.
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One thing to keep in mind is the bottom cooking grate needs to be 24" above the hot coal grate.
Not sure if this rule is set in stone, but that's they way I was told.
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That's correct Jeanie but that measurement is from the bottom of the charcoal basket.
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I agree Rick. wink.gif
My coal basket does not have legs. It sits on my coal grate.
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After the burn and 15 minutes of wire wheeling i found the orange liner is there to stay. It would take somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6 hours of wire wheeling to clean it out and i dont want to dedicate that kind of time.

Looks like ill be purchasing a brand new one in about two to three weeks. My eyes are open for more used drums still, never hurts to have multiple drums right
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If I will eventually be putting a Weber lid on, is it a good idea to put in a secong grate at the initial build, or should I wait and do it after the lid and base is installed? I plan to do the lid like DDave did and cut the bottom portion of the kettle to fit inside the drum.

Thanks again for any input!
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I am wondering the same thing. I have a sandblaster and a couple of kids to do the work, just wondering if it will get the job done. Would you try burning it first?
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Im just going to give it a shot this weekend. I burned it already and the wire wheel was doing below okay for the 15 minutes i put into it. Ill keep you updated
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