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I want to do some ribs this weekend but wee ball (2:30 game and i'm the coach) sort of puts a cramp in things. Was thinking about doing them with the 3-2-1 method but do the "2" in the oven while we're at the game and then tossing them back on the smoker to finish them off. The game is at 2:30. We usually leave the house about 1:45 and arrive back about 4:00, so they end up getting an extra half hour in the foil. Think it'll work? If so, what temp on the oven? 250*?
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Sounds like it will work. I would set the oven at what ever temp you have on the smoker at the time.
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Only one way ta find out......give it a shot!
Can't see why it wouldn't work out.
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I know for a fact it will work but unless you like them "falling off the bone" that extra half hour in foil might spoil them for ya
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the extra half hour should be ok. I might take the over a tad lower than the smoker if anything.
Cant wait to see the results
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Brian, do you usually do your ribs 3-2-1? My concern would be that by the time you've got them firmed up they may be overcooked if you add an extra hour to the cook time.
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Yes, I usually do them 3-2-1, the wife likes them that way. The only way I'll get ribs this weekend, other than at Sonny's (eek.gif ) is to do the smoker-oven-smoker, and I don't honestly see any way to avoid running over on the foil time. Like Grothe said, only one way to find out if it works!
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Why not simply leave them on the smoker?
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Brian, that should work just fine as when they're foiled you're just needing the heat, not the smoke. Good idea to get in a rib smoke amongst the family frenzy time! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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After smoke I do mine in the oven quite often. Ifin yer gonna run over on yer foil time I'd bring the heat down some that way it might not over cook as much. Ya can do the last hour in the oven to, I just put em on a wire rack an a cookie sheet, let em finish up thata way.

Good luck on both gigs!
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Because I'll be away from the house for 2+ hours and I don't see anyway for the fire to main temperature that long without some attention.

Trav, so you think maybe 200-225* would be better for the oven if I run over? I usually do ribs at about 250* on the smoker.
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Brian I think I'd go about 200 while in the oven in the foil if you have to leave them that long
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Yup, I'd go along with piney on this en an say 200*.
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Why not do 'em 2½-2½-½/1?
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Using the Minion method should help.
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