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Overdoing it

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OK, I am going to do my first pork butt and have been looking over the threads as to what are the best ways to do it. I picked a rub that I want to use and then found a spritzer (apple juice and Captian Morgan rum). Then found that finishing sauce of Jeffs. Ok my question is is that too much? If you do the spritzer do you do the finishing sauce? If you do the rub should you not do the spritzer. So on and so forth. I guess I am looking for a little advice. It is going to be for my sons birthday and I just want it to be good.
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Nope. You're on the right track. I use a rub, spritz, & a finishing sauce. I always wait 2 hours before using the spritz. If you spritz too early, you may wash the rub off, so you want to give the rub awhile to bake on there.
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All of 'em are good to go, and it is rather typical, so no, you aren't using too much at all.
Rub the meat, and as nomorecoop mentioned, wait awhile before spritzing. Me, I tend to give a spritz about every 1/2 hr or so.

Once you've pulled, go ahead with the finishing sauce. What happens next will be a taste explosion you can't get enough of.

Good luck, post Qviewicon_mrgreen.gif
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Yes, you can use all three and it will not be too much. Just don't put the finishing sauce on the butt until you are ready to serve it. The vinegar will break the meat down and make it soft if it's put on too far ahead of time.
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If you have the time, I'd suggest applying the rub the night before the smoke and wrapping the meat in plastic wrap, or just put it in a bag (oven bags work well for this). This allows the spices in the rub to penetrate the meat so when you apply the spritz it just adds to the flavors already set into the meat.

Good luck, you're on the right track! Hope to see some pics of your first butt!
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I don't like to spritz. I find that it causes the temperature to fluctuate too much.

Instead, I like to do all my seasoning before and after the cooking.
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^^^I agree...I would put the captain morgan in my belly instead of in a spritz. I can't imagine why you would need to use a spritz with a butt, they have soo much fat that keeps them juicy.

edit:to each his own though...If you want to rub,spritz,finish,sauce etc I'm sure it will be good. I use a UDS so I tend to try to keep the lid on until done.
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>>>use a rub, spritz, & a finishing sauce<<<

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The last pulled pork I did, I used a rub, did spritz it the last two hours, every half hour, used SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce. I also serve it with Tulsa Jeff's "Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive" BBQ sauce on the side. It was all good!!!

So no, you aren't over doing it, but sometimes less is best... All a matter of one's preference, mood and taste at the time.

I am sure however you do it, you will enjoy it.
aka Rocky
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'Zactly. Well put.

A good finishing sauce is the crowning achievement.
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Creative Rock,
That bbq sauce sounds good where would I find that receipe?

I thank all of you for your advice. Now I just need to come up with some sides. I am hoping for success.
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as for sides, i'd suggest beans, macaroni and cheese, cornbread or any of the above.

also, pulled pork sandwiches topped with slaw are an american tradition that should not be ignored. i was never a fan of cole slaw until i tried a version of it without the mayo and also on top of some good BBQ - now i am a fan!
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Quick question.
I see where people put the rub on for 12 hours before starting to smoke. How much in advance can you put the rub on. Is 24 hours too much?
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Nope 24 hours is fine. Just know that the meat will just absorb more of the flavor. Tightly wrap in Saran Wrap and proabably a layer of foil too.
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You can get the recipe for the bbq sauce >HERE<
Remember the recipe helps support this website.
aka Rocky
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