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newbie thermometer quesion

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In a few weeks I'm going to cook a whole hog for my brothers graduation party. Now I've done a little research and I'm going to make a cement block pit lined with aluminum to reflect heat on the bottom and the sides, and a sheet of metal to put on the top. Now I was thinking about how to get a thermometer so I could have some idea of temp inside. Now I see a lot of people with a thermometer with a wire outside the smoker with the thermometer stuck in a potatoe. What does the potatoe do? any ideas on a thermometer set up, or on the whole pit for that matter?
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The potatoe is there to keep the temp probe off the cooking grate. Good luck with the pig and don't forget the qview.
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but sticking it in the potatoe, does it give an accurate reading? i guess in theory the potatoe eventually will get to the inner temp of the smoker, right?
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You stick it all the way thru the potato so it sticks out the other side. I would use at least two thermos one for the pig and one for the pit temp. Also when building the pit make a foil drain so the grease that drops down doesn't drain into the coals or wood
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The tip of the probe should stick out the end of the potato an inch or better hence reading the actual temp of the cooking chamber.
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ahhh I see. thats a great trick I'll be sure to use it
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