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About how long should it take to smoke some Rib Eye steaks?

And how can I tell when they are done?
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depends.... only way to really know w/o cutting one open is an internal meat thermometer.
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A probe thermometer works, but with experience you can feel it and tell.
Touch the steak when it's cooking to tell how done it is. The longer it cooks, the harder it gets.

Rare = will feel like the soft part on your ear (about a minute on each side)
Medium = will feel like your cheek
Well done = will feel like the tip of your nose
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Use a probe thermometer. Smoke it until 110* & then finish it to the desired doneness on the grill. I like mine medium & it's about 60 seconds on each side.

Usually takes about 30 minutes to get to 110* depending on the thickness.
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