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BB's and turkey fattie - Q-view

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Crappy day for smoking.....literally has been raining all day in Iowa. Ugh. My parents and the inlaws are coming over for dinner, so I went with some BBs. Tried the turkey fattie....we'll see how it turns out. Pics are blurry....too lazy to get the digital out today. Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

BBs on rubbed and on the smoker!

Ground turkey, stuffing, hashbrowns. Also mixed garlic, sage, and California garlic pepper into the turkey.....

It ain't pretty, but hopefully it tastes good!!

Even Fletcher the wonder cockapoo thinks this weather sucks!
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Hey bud, I know how you feel....just like this down south in the show me state.

Nice idea for the fattie, though. Keep us posted with pics. No worries on the shakey "before" pics, but the "after" pics need to be a bit clearer, just so we can drool properly! icon_mrgreen.gif

Don't forget to enter it in the fattie throwdown thread so you can be "officially" entered. Everyone's participation is appreciated highly by all.

Nice truck, by the way. Been having Ford-blue running through my veins since I was born, prolly!
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That fatty looks awfully hard to roll. How'd that go?

What's "California Garlic Pepper"?
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Hey Pimp,

I'm holding off til Sunday to give it a try. Rained most of the day in Des Moines too. Are your relatives from DSM? I see a Polk county plate there.

I'm really interested in that fattie. Give us an update when you get a chance.
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Looking good. Raining down here in LA. also. Threw on some dogs and burgers for the family. Notmuch smoking this weeknd for me. Nice job
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Here's the finished product. It was pretty good....needed gravy tho. Ground turkey is kinda hard to work with, but 2 spatulas strategically placed helped with the rolling. This is a picture of it re-warmed today.....the Coors Light bus came to town last night, so I forgot to take pics. Oops!! Enjoy and take care, everyone.

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The Dude- I lived in DSM for a bit after I graduated from ISU....for whatever reason, I never had to change my plates to Woodbury.

Sorry that pic is so blurry....stupid cell phone cameras. I may have overcooked the turkey a bit. I'm sure I'll make it again as everyone seemed to really like it. I think next time I'd try to spice up the meat a little seemed a bit bland to me. Any suggestions?

Steve- California garlic pepper is a mix of spices and herbs. It goes with poultry very well. I season all my grilled chicken with it!
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Update on the fattie.....

Mixed some turkey gravy from a pouch today. It honestly made the dish all come together. Ground turkey is just so 'tasteless'.......thank godness for gravy!
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Nice job on the fattie...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
I like some horseradish sauce on turkey PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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ah yes a fellow ISU graduate. I just graduated from there in December. All the members sporting hawkeye avatars I was wondering if anyone went to school in ames. Looks good too by the wayPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif , I'm just about to start up some BB's myself in a half hour.
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Looks good pipmzilla. How moist did it come out?
Whenever I do a turkey fattie I add around half sausage to help with the moisture and stickyness of it.
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even looks good fuzzy. same weather here last 2 days and through tonight. but thurs through sun looks like sun and 70-80. be some great grilling weather.

hey guys watch mentioning horseradish sauce im getting hungry.
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Nice job. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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