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MES Update. All MES owners with problems.

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Ron can't get into the forum and he asked me to post this. ( Ron Is the Man! )

He talked to a CS rep from MES today and she told him that they had found a problem with some of the new MES units. Seems that the controller and the lower unit have been coming from different factories. What she told Ron was to check the wire colors on the connection between the controller and the lower unit to see if the colors match. If they don't.... they have come from two different locations and will/may cause a problem. Mine match up and I'm still having problems. Here is a picture of what you'll be looking at. I'm not sure if the two wire connector is suppose to match up or not. Mine don't. The controller side is red/black and the lower unit side is white/grey. I've got a call into MES and I'll post again tomorrow with info on the two wire connection.

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Thanks Dave for relaying my message, I think I am finally back. Here is a pic of my wiring. All the same on both ends maybe that is why I don't have a problem, but thought I would resaarch it for you. To add to Daves post if you are having a problem, call Kim at (706-256-3942) her direct line and tell her Ron from Smf sent you.
Good Luck!

All the wires match on mine.
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Bump. In case some may have missed this.
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Mines is in use right now so I can't check it- is this behind the back cover?

Nice call Ron. Hopefully it can/will help some folks out, and it's nice that MES knows they have a problem and they know how to fix it too. Kim has always been very friendly and helpful to me as well.
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You have to remove the display. Two screws holding it to the back at the top. Once you remove these screws... the display will slide off towards the rear of the unit. You had to install it when it was new unless you bought one already together.
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Thanks PignIt; I'm still using it (10 lbs of pork chops, 2 packer briskets), so I can't look, but thanks for info on where to look.

I should have read your first post better instead of just looking at the pics lol!
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I forgot to add....SWHWEETTTTT answer!!!!(-1 for spelling icon_mrgreen.gif )!!!!!!
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Does anybody have Kim's email address? I have access to email during the day but can't make personal phone calls.
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Only email I can find is... Email

What problems are some having with the MES? So far I haven't noticed any with the 40" SS sams club unit I have had for a year and a half.
aka Rocky
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I finally got her email address.

Kimberly Ruonavaara

She did say email is slower than a phone call.

Good luck.

She is a sweetie, and also smokes meat, that is why she is so good at her job, she has an older MES.
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Ron thanks for the great information wink.gif
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