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Clean or Not to Clean

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I know that it's must to break-in a new smoker, however, is there ever a time when you should "Clean-out" the smoker over time?
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I just recently had to clean out my GOSM it had built up a lot of grease in the bottom and scraping it out wasn't good enough evidently because it caught on fire. Was no big thing but it got a good pressure washing and re-seasoned and all is well now
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I do the "burn out" a couple times a year, fill it full of wadded up newspappers, a lot of them and lite it off. Then take a wire brush to the loose stuff, and reseason with lard.
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Make sure to keep the ashes cleaned out of your unit, moisture and ashes can cause rust.
I used to clean my little red bullet everytime I got finished smoking and after reading and gaining knowledge I found it isn't necessary to give your smoker a nice shiny cleaning every single time you use it. In fact I have noticed lots of people clean certain parts but let the main body smoke and season many times.
I clean my grates everytime but have just allowed the inner body to "season" and this has been 3 weeks and counting and works great!
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Cannot remember who said it first. But clean the smoker, Them's fightn words! I always clean the racks and water pan nothing else been 5 months. MES PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I clean the grates and spray out the insides after every smoke (self-cleaning method) and recently did a nice scrub down on the walls as little black flakes were peeling off and falling into the food.
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Spring cleaning onlyPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif let all that good juicy flavor sit the winter and scrape her out in the spring. I do clean the grates after every smoke, get her up to temp and spray with water and steam her clean.
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Paint scraper & wire brush every so often.

The main idea is to make sure you keep rust at bay.

Ash and water can be corrosive.
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I use a wet/dry vac to pickup any ashes from the bottom of the GOSM. The racks get cleaned about once every two weeks. I foil the grease pan, that makes cleanup much easier.
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That's funny. I did the same a couple weeks ago with mine.

I've even been known to use the yard blower, but it made such a mess of things (mainly my eyes, nose & ears).
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