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Thanks Brian... We appreciate ya!
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Add me to the fix list icon_smile.gif. Getting the no permission page too.

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Thanks Brian....knew it was just a matter of ya gettin time ta fix it.
You da man!!!

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still waiting here
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Can't get here legal either! Oh well add travcoman45 ta the lost list ifin ya please! Thanks yall!
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MossyMo and Mark aka Daboys too. :)
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Looks like I am legal again. Thanks for fixing it.
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I finally got on at 8:30 PM. Wasn't going to log on with another name and screw everything up!biggrin.gif
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should be fixed now.
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Thanks again Brian! :)
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thank youbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Whew, I'm back on. I feel like I'm getting mixed messages here. Inducted into the OTBS one day, and then not even able to log on the next. Still not able to post pics. Kinda like dating when I was a teenager. Anyway thanks Brian.
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me back too!!! thks jeanie and brian!! by the way that help ever get to ron??? lol
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Apparently....he was in here last night.tongue.gif
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I think we have had a big E-tornado blow thru. I cannot log on to another forum I am on. I have had no problems here. With our great staff I am sure all will be well.
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