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Modification Theory

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Im at work at dont have anything more than paint to my disposal so this explains my 5th grade art work.

I have an SnP and plan to modify to get the most out of my smoker until i can gather all the necessary parts to build a UDS.

Now in the attached picture i am wondering if this setup will work well. I plan to remove the exhaust on top and place it on the side with the firebox. I plan to relocate it high this time with possibly a 3"-4" exhaust(depends on what i can find). Next, i plan to fabricate a plate like everyone else does with holes to allow smoke to penetrate quicker. The main purpose of this plate though is to allow for the smoke and heat to be directed along the bottom path to the end of the smoker then make a u-turn to find its way out the exhaust on the top left. Im hoping this picture will explain more than i think i can.

My questions are:
1) Am i over thinking this setup?
2)would this setup be better because heat would have to travel through the complete smoker before coming out allowing for every square inch to be utilized?
3)would just the standard heat plate similar to Rivets be more than enough with the exhaust just mounted on the right side?
4) Can anyone critique this so i can modify plans?

Thanks for all the help again. I dont mind putting work into the 150.00 smoker as a basis of what i will be buiding from a drum as long as i dont pour much money into this 150.00 smoker. So far most if not all my parts will be free so i can justify the work and time.


apparently i cannot upload any pictures via "manage attachments" buttons so you must try to understand me for a short period of time before i can host the picture.
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sorry the picture was so small. i added it to the first place i could find while at work
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Are you wanting to make it into a revese flow?
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All im trying to do is make the unit i have more effiecient. Can you point me into the direction of what reverse flow is, as im still a newb at this
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Here is a link with the mod your talking about. Great pictures. This guy also converted his to propane but the mods your talking about are here in living color.

If you do a search in the charcoal section or stick burner section you'll find a ton of info... also try google.... just type in reverse flow.

Hope this helps.
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Looks like i came up with an idea that is already out. Yes i would be talking about reverse flow
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Your diagram is converting the SnP into a reverse flow cooker. I guess Im a little slow on the keys. I can find the information you need here so look at these links.
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