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Drop Biscuits

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A while back someone asked about drop biscuit receipes? If you had no success has a good receipe. Just check out their drop biscit pan and the receipe will be there. I also googled "drop biscuit receipe" and came up with a bunch. As I have never had any myself I will be ordering a pan from lodge and give them a try. Of course this will be about a month as I am back overseas. Just thought I would give a headsup.biggrin.gif
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You do not need a special pan for drop biscuits. Just drop them on a cookie sheet and bake, or if you're cooking with a Dutch oven over coals, drop them in the DO and bake. If the sides touch, no big deal.

My favorite recipe is intended to be rolled out, but I just drop the biscuits instead. You don't really need a special recipe.
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But you have to understand...I have castironitis, an incurable disease.biggrin.gif
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I suffer from the same illness.

My kitchen:
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Love the CI
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I do too, but I'm trying to resist temptation. I've added several small pieces over winter though so I guess my resistance is not working too well.

If it's cheap, cool, Wagner, Griswold, or interesting, it's mine!
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Nice kitchen Sprit Deer. I also have another idea with all my cast iron. I have two daughters, when they get married PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif I will split up my cast iron between the two of them.
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I have seen the biscuit pan you're talking about. The only reason I didn't buy it is that it only makes seven biscuits at a time. When I make biscuits, I usually do between 12 and 16. Not because I'm feeding a crowd, but I like to freeze the leftovers and take out one at a time.

Spirit Deer, nice collection!
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Thanks, guys. I just built that rack last fall. It's made my stuff so much easier to use because I'm not having to move a big stack of stuff to get to something else. Consequently, I use everything more often now.
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