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two birds for easter

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couple 8-9 lb turkeys, wife wanted plain so it was LVOO, cbp and salt, about six hours on seven oaks lump and apple wood.

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Mmmmmmm....Very nice JDT.
I love smoked turkey. Did you brine?
Sure does look good, I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks.
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The turkeys look like they turned out well. How did they taste? Was your wife happy with them?
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they were pre basted so I didn't brine, everyone thought they were great, the apple is so light however it left me wanting a little more smoke flavor, it was there just light. I could tell they weren't burnt just by looking but was happy to see juices come out when there were carved, when I told the wife to grab the camera she thought I meant the video camera for the kids easter egg hunt not the digi for food pics, thats why I don't have photos of the plated results
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Good looking birds!!
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Nice looking birds. I agree that apple by itself is a little weak. I tend to throw some hickory on with the fruitwoods.
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Those look perfect. Good job man!
Hope you and your family had a nice Easter.
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