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UDS 1.0a Gets a Paint Job (Lots of Pics)

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Finally got around to painting the drum. It turned into a 4 day project what with Easter, drying time, etc.

Started on Friday. Here it is in its former state . . .

and here with the hardware removed . . .

Wanted a fresh start so I took it down to bare metal . . .

and here it is all primed.

Into the garage on Saturday since the wind came up. Didn't want the paint blowing all over the place.

Got the color on and back outside in the sunlight so I could inspect for light spots.

The first can I used was spitting and sputtering so I had a few touchups to do.

Sunday, after Easter dinner at the BILs, I masked off the drum to paint the top ring.

Then Monday, back into the garage (darn wind) to paint the bottom ring . . .

Decided to spruce up the Weber lid as well. Some Scotch Brite pad on the vent and screw, some paint on the lid and a little bit of linseed oil on the handle and it looks good as new.

and here it is all put back together.

Went with black on the caps.

and used stainless steel cap nuts for contrast.

I know it's supposed to be ugly but I figured I'd give it a paint job. May not look this way for long. Planning on a brisket this weekend. We'll see if we can dirty it up a bit.

Thanks for looking.

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Looks good DDave! Thanks for the pics!
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It turned out real nice, I like the color scheme. Now ya done and got yourself a PDS .
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Looks good. If it were I, I would have painted on the "radioactive" symbol, just to flip out the neighbors.

I wonder why my neighbors don't drop in much?
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Great job Dave! Points go to you for a very nice touch-up job and even going the extra step on the Weber kettle with the linseed oil.
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Nice Job Dave. All you need are some flames.PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Gee Dave, that's too purty to light a fire in!PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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