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what temp to take ham to

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Just got a nice ham for Easter, and going to throw it on the brand new UDS. What temp should I take it to? The thing I like about a bone in ham is how it gets nice and tender and falls apart (more like pulled pork). I've seen 140 thrown around, but I'm sure it wouldn't be fall apart tender at that temp. Is it safe to smoke up to 140 or so, then foil it and take it up to 190 or so?
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If you want fall apart yes 190' in foil, add a little moisture.
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I just wonder how dry that open edge would be (it's a half). I'll probably just season it lightly.
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I would think it would be fine after the foil stage and a light spritz of your choice.
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I've never smoked ham before. Does the smoke generally take to it pretty good, or does it need a lot?
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alot of smoke will equal bad taste. I would just keep with the thin blue smoke like anything else. and alot of opinions are after the meat reachs 140 or so it quites taking on anymore smoke flavor. so after the ham reaches that point i would just do heat.(if you can with your set up)
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Yeah, I had just heard some about having to so super light on it. If I treated it normal, it'd be thin and blue, and probably only up to 150 or so. Thanks for your help. :) Got experience cooking tons of pork butts, but never a ham. Really looking forward to it.
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Not sure what you mean.
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It's a butt half, not a whole ham.
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Not a problem, won't dry out in foil.
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The meat will continue taking on the smoke flavor throughout the entire smoking session. At 140 degrees, the smoke ring is fully developed.
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