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newbie question

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g'day everybody . i am just building a smoker out of a old medium size fridge
and i am going to put a temp thermometer on it. and just wanted to know where would be the best spot to put it on the fridge to get the most accurate reading. thanks for you help guys .darren
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The best place is at grate level
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What Piney said.
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do you mean the grate level ,were the meat is sitting on the racks up top of the smoker
or down below at the heat source ??? . is it better to mount the thermometer on the fridge door .thanks
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Yes, grate level where the food is at. I too am building a old fridge smoker, and have thought about putting the temp probe thru the door as it makes the most sense, front of fridge is where the door is, easy to look. However, I did think that while that door is open and your loading or unloading your food, that probe might end up sticking you the back or side or worse, catch your head on it. I am using a fairly large therm with a long probe, so if yours is somewhat shorter, say just extends slightly out from the door, should be no problem. Then again, if you do have long probe on yours, and you do poke yourself with it, you will probbly remember it and only do it once LOL. I will probably mount mine on the side.
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