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i'm afraid it's a little too far, bud - best i can offer is some q-view! after an hour and 15 minutes on smoke, i've got a few pix - will prepare them and post them shortly!
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well, an hour and 15 minutes into the smoke, i decided to give it a qucik mop - temperatures are holding pretty well but on the slightly-low side, nothing as bad as last week. here's what we've got at this point:

here's what it looks like outside roght now, but as i type this, it looks like the sun is starting to peek out a bit. note the yard flags standing horizontal. the breeze is not as bad/hard as it looks, but still a pain.

yes, we still need to rake! i'm hoping i can get the boys to do that on monday....

updates and Q-view to follow....
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I wondered too where chinook was, looked on a google map just now, wow your way up north there, BRRRR!!!

Hey, food looken good so far!!!

we have that same weather today too, cool idea giving a yard view with the Q view!
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yep, we're pretty far up there - you can pretty much see canada from a tall bulding! beautiful country, though.

at 1030, i mopped and checked the temperature of the fatty. i also rotated the pork shoulder. the fatty was done and looked great:

here's how it looked while resting -

unfortunately, i didn't let it rest quite long enough......

but, when sliced and put on toast, with the cheese scooped back into palce, it looked pretty dang good. check out that smoke rign!

more updates to follow. at noon, i'll put the egg fatty on and will also mop and rotate the shoulder if necessary.
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Nice job on all that! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Cool, but do you need a passport to just look at canada now a days? lol
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>>>do you need a passport to just look at canada now a days?<<<

the way thnigs are going it will probably be the case someday ~ hopefuly, the world will get itself fixed a bit before that happens!
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man no kidding and I agree!
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at 1145, i scooted all the remaining charcoal to the right nearest the firebox and added a chimney of unlit charcoal. at noon, i put the egg fatty on and put another chimney on. the temps were falling off a bit but are now on the rise.

here's what we're looking at right now - the butt is looking pretty dang good!

keep in mind that the fatty is filled from end-to-end with hard-boiled eggs that have the ends cut off in order to make a continuous hard-boiled egg. this will be sliced and put on a couple of quiches.
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Woo-Hoo, man my mouth was watering as I lingered over that fattie while it was still sitting on the grill *hah!* THEN, I scrolled down and saw that puppy resting and sliced........wow. Melty cheese is about my one weakness. Awesome fattie, Tas~ and major points.giffor that! Looking forward to hearing about your supper.

Keep us posted!
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well guys - sorry for the lost time there, but an old buddy from high school that i ahdn't seen for a few years (like 20!) dropped by for a while and we took our kids to an easter egg hunt that was being put on by the local nursing home. got back and BSd a bit - i told one of the boys to take the egg fatty on when the time came, but they must not have heard me - so, it got a bit over-cooked. a bit dry and a bit dark on the outside, but nothng terrible. it sure tastes great and the inside good and juicy.

we clut up and ate about half of it, the other half was sliced into six slices for the quiche that i will probably attempt. the original quiche that i saw was only able to it five on, but i cut six just in case. if there's an extra that won't fit on there, then i got a bonus!

the shoulder's looking great - as long as you keep an eye on temps and toss on a chunk of hickory now and then, they tend to take care of themselves. i forgot to get a pic because i was so worried about the fatty, but the temps are holding and i just sprayed on some mop for good measure. right now it's been on for 8 hours and 15 minutes, and the expected time on is 10 hours and 15 minutes, so here in half an hour or so, i'll start checking internal temps.
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alright - at 1645 i put the ABTs on - i have no idea how long they take but figured i'd better get started on them. i'll consider them done when the bacon is done - if anyone has any better suggestions, let me know!

here's a pic - the shoulder is starting to look pretty dang good ~

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wow that's wild looking! So those are good then? Never heard of anything like that!
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i'm adding this for rivet, ron, kris, steve, dude, FiU and all others who have been following along.

today we also made easter cheese - this is a traditional easter treat from slovakia, poland, hungary, the ukraine and other areas in that region. my wife's family is slovak, and we look forward to it each year:

This recipe is from the kitchen of Maria Macejko Milot, my wife's grandmother.

Hrudka (Sirets - Egg Cheese)
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 1-2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 quart milk
  • 1/2 cup sugar
Combine all ingredients in a white, enamled pan. cook over medium to low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture curdles.

Pour mixture into a colander that is lined with several thicknesses of cheesecloth. once mixture is drained, pick it up, cheesecloth and all, and shape into a ball by twisting the top part of a cheesecloth.

Tightly tie open end with string, placing string very close to the top of the ball. CAUTION! this will be hot! hang over sink until cool.

remove cheesecloth when cool; wrap and refrigerate.

*the whey from the hrudka can be saved and used when making pascha (paska). to conserve the whey, place the colander over a large pot before pouring mixture into cheesecloth.
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ron - those are the famous "atomic buffalo turds!" i never made them before until last night. the basic recipe is simply jalapenos cut in half, deveined and seeded, with cream cheese filling them in and bacon wrapped around each half. for my first attempt, i am keeping them simple - the only thing i did different was add a little worsty sauce and lowry's seasoned salt to the cream cheese, and when i put tehm on, i sprayed on a little mop.

we'll see how they go!
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wow cool, you know how to make cheese, that's really cool!

Oh sorry, I meant the egg things were the freakiest thing I ever saw :-)

Those turds sound good!
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now there's something you don't hear every day! lol

1730, the internal temperature of the pork is just under 180. on my first one, i took it off theheat at 180 and it sliced well, but wasn't quite "pull-able" i'll let this one get a little higher and see what happens. no hurry today, like last time!

also, here's a pic of this year's easter cheese hanging in order to set and cool:

it's great stuff - the flavor is totally unexpected yet perfect for spring.

when heating it up on the stove, it's best to use a whisk and have it in motion the whole time. just when you think it's ready, try to hold on a few more minutes and then the curd and whey really spearate and it will DEFINITELY be ready.
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Good looking grub TW. Nice
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ron - here's a link to the egg quiche fattie i was talking about - looks dang good and worth a try:

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wow that's wild! that bacon pattern looks like linoleum lol!
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right on schedule at 1830, i checked the internal temperature in three places away from any bone or fat. 190 degrees exactly on all spots.

i figured there wouldn't be any better time to pull it, so i grabbed the bone and the other end and went to lift it off.

the bone came right out, with a few little chunks of meat on it!

i knew i had something special here, so i carefully lifted it out and laid it on a bed of foil, sprayed some mop on it, wrapped it up in a couple of layers and put it in the cooler surrounded on all sides by a few towels, with some on top too, of course.

ABTs are also done and waiting on the far side of the smoking chamber to be served with supper.

i picked up the bone and pulled off a chunk of meat - just a bite - OMG! near as i can tell it is perfect - falling apart, pink and smoky (but not overpowering) and tender as melted butter. there was enough for everyone to get a small taste - call it a teaser for what is to come!

it's sitting in foil and towels in the cooler right now. i'll let it sit at leat a half hour total and might even go an hour since to be honest, we're done a little earlier than expected!

my only concern is the dark, dark bark, but the darkest aprts are pretty thin and don't taste "burned," so i am not too worried. i think it is a result of the sugar in the rub and in the pop that is part of the mop - either way, i'm not letting it ruin my day, for sure!

i have plenty or RIVET's carolina pulled pork sauce left over from last week, and will be using that on my pork. i plan to do a sandwich on a bun and also will try some just by itself. we're not too sophisticated with sides this time around becuase we're getting ready for easter at my mother-in-law's - just some potato chips tonight - but next time it will be slaw, beans and hopefully potato salad.

i'll post an after-action report on the pork and the ABTs with pictures - but for now, we're getting ready to pull ~
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