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My Threads???

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Why can't i search for my posted threads now? mad.gif

I'm trying to find my Double smoked ham recipe for all the noobs to enjoy!
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Did an "advanced search" for all threads started by you.
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Very nice!

Thanks bro!
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I'm totally new and don't want come across harsh, I might have overlooked it. But aren't there any way to keep track of threads in which you have posted in, on this software?
Many forums has a "view your post's" feature. It's convinient to go in there and see if there has been any activity in threads you have participated in.
Or do I have to search for my post by a keyword or something?
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You should be able to find your posts by simply clicking on your screen name. It will then give you a few items to choose from.
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Great! Now I got it!
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